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The Guardian and books go hand in hand: we publish books, we review books, we partner with literature festivals and have our own book awards. In short, we are passionate about books and know that our readers are too. With so many books published each week, we at the Guardian Bookshop want to help you find the very best among the hundreds of thousands of titles available from our site.

We work hard to provide the best possible deals on the books we review, the books we publish and by sourcing competitive offers on books we think you’ll love. For all UK online orders over £20, we offer free Royal Mail second class delivery. And we also send books all over the world.

Even better than that, every book you buy through the Guardian Bookshop helps to support independent journalism. We’re committed to breaking more world-changing stories, such as the phone hacking scandal and NSA surveillance, and to providing free online news to our readers around the globe, so by choosing to buy your books at the Guardian Bookshop, you are doing your bit to help us keep doing what we do best.

Thank you for shopping with us.

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