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The Cummings Files: CONFIDENTIAL

Thoughts, Ideas, Actions by Dominic Cummings

Arthur Mathews


In this illuminating collection of diary entries, notes-to-self and crumpled post-its, we reveal what's really going on in the Cummings brain.
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The new updated edition of David Olusoga’s vital book on black British history

"Groundbreaking" – Observer

During a time of momentous events - BREXIT! A GENERAL ELECTION! A GLOBAL PANDEMIC! - the Government's chief adviser has been writing down his thoughts - in diaries, blog posts, on Post-it notes and any scrap of paper he can find. Discovered in an abandoned backpack on a train, we reveal the intriguing contents. These include: * The full story of the INFAMOUS TRIP TO DURHAM (and furious dash back to London while driving at speed with faulty eyesight) * The SHOCKING REVELATIONS of his 1995 Russian diary * FASCINATING secrets of CABINET ZOOM CALLS in which government ministers SHAKE IN TERROR when he asks them some very basic questions * What happened when he hit MICHAEL GOVE over the head with a PENCIL * His EXPLOSIVE REACTION to BORIS JOHNSON'S DEATH (and subsequent response when he found out the PM was still alive) * The sheer EXHILARATION of being DOMINIC CUMMINGS And much, much more . . .
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Book publisherFaber & Faber
Publication date29 Oct 2020
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